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When you think of Noure Essentials, think of us as...

not only a place for candles but also a place for creativity and artistic expression. Providing creative decor that is modern, comforting, sleek and edgy in any space at any given time.

Modern Lines

Hand crafted with love

Beautifully hand painted vase that add the perfect minimalist touch to elevate any space

The Perfect Calming Balance

Hand made yin and yang concrete candles that are not made with historically proven fragrances to aid in relaxation, but also serve as the perfect home decor statment piece.

Outstanding customer service

"The customer service is truly amazing. I admire how business is operated and the love extended to customers"

Essence W.

I love this company!

"The burn time is what keeps me coming back and back. Then the craftwomsnship and perfect scents"

Tyler L.

Beautiful scent and decor

"Lovely scent and strong. You entire apartment will fill with the beautiful aroma of this candle and it'll make amazing decor while and after it's done burning"


Aesthetically pleasing

These are not your average candles, they are aesthetically pleasing while also having a smooth smelling finish

Tyler R.


Yin & Yang Candles


Single Wick Candles

Three Wick Candles



Linen Room Sprays